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After Sales Service


Our commitment begins with the sale of each office floor. Every floor has an independent floor management system (FMS) networked to the building management system (BMS). This would enable a secure & proper monitoring of the floor’s resource utilization. It also helps in responding when any equipment requires maintenance or in case of emergencies.

With a combination of professional, well-trained staff, and the building management systems, we will take care of your facilities & equipments so that you can focus more positively on your business.

For a compulsory nominal fee, we will manage the entire services. This would include the regular & daily maintenance services. All this is in an effort to ensure that your investment remains well maintained.


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Customized Office Floor


Our design and construction team is always ready to fulfill the demands of those clients who require a further personalization of their floors. For an additional nominal investment, you will be able to customize your office floor to your requirement.



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Highly Professional & Well-Trained Staff


Our team of highly trained staff will be handling the security and facilities management of corporate tower.



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Valet Parking

As a symbol of our executive hospitality, our valet parking service has a dual purpose. It facilitates parking & enhances security of the building.


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Investment & Future Growth


With rapid expansion in trade, commerce, financial activities and infrastructural development, Lahore is fast becoming the new commercial hub of Pakistan.

It is a well-known fact that property investment has always been the most stable, secure & profitable form of investment.

Prices & rentals of corporate / commercial office spaces increase by an average of 10 ~ 15 % per annum. Therefore, investing in a well designed, built & well-maintained space like Corporate tower, located in a central business district, secures your organization’s investment while enhancing its value. It also greatly enhances your corporate identity, brand & image.

It is a fact that corporate tower’s location, along the main boulevard is fast becoming the new business hub for the future Lahore. Its close proximity to businesses, services, residential areas and transportation, enhance its functions and value.


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Building Technologies Overview

  • Coherent Amenities (Upgradeable)
  • Independent climate control on each floor
  • Earthquake Proof- structurally stable to withstand up to 7.9 on the Richter scale.
  • 5 dedicated lifts (including 1 executive lift & 1 cargo lift )
  • 119 cars & 178(+)motorbikes parking area encompassing 3 basements
  • Independent Computerized Building Management System (BMS) linked to the Central Building Management System (CBMS)
  • 3 units , Automatic Standby electric Power Generation Systems to provide a total of 1.6MW of electricity.
  • Fire detection and suppression systems on every floor and basements.
  • Hi-speed Wireless Internet (WI-FI) & VOIP Access Systems.
  • Mains Transformer 1.6 MW capacity.
  • Emergency Exits with illumination on floors and walls for easy exit.
  • Special mechanical louvered systems for sun blocking.
  • All glass facades and windows covered with 3M safety laminated films.

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