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Security & Surveillance


For your business, employees, clients, and equipments, Corporate Tower will be very closely guarded, 360 degrees, round the clock by highly trained professional security personnel always on the alert.

Equipped with 24 hour CCTV surveillance systems, sniffer dogs, and bomb and metal detectors, it would be among the few high security buildings in Pakistan. For professionals who value security, this essential service adds to their business experience.


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With a 119-car parking space, no other building in the area competes with us in this convenience. Complemented with valet parking service we enrich your experience of security, Quick service, & convenience for your business.


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In order to function efficiently, Corporate Tower is fully equipped with the following:-

  1. 3 hi-speed passenger lifts
  2. 1 hi-speed executive lift
  3. 1 cargo lift
  4. Independent Digital multi scroll (DMS) HVAC systems on each floor
  5. 3 standby power generators with a capacity of 1.5 MW
  6. 1 Main transformer (1.6 MW)
  7. Fire safety pumps & suppression systems, located centrally & on each floor including the 3 basements, both with the simplicity to function and trace.
  8. on demand Electric water heaters
  9. Day & night CCTV cameras
  10. UPS, keyless entry door locks, floor surveillance cameras (optional)


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Service Areas


Main Stairs, emergency stairs, male / female toilets, executive toilets, general lobby, conveniently located multiple emergency exits on each floor. Exits are technically well sited and planned in a manner to manage the traffic flow smoothly in case of emergencies.


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Corporate Conference and dining Hall


The conference centre in corporate tower has a fully equipped kitchen facility, serving room, and spacious restrooms. Event management & catering with freshly prepared original gourmet cuisine is available.

Ideal for business meetings, corporate conferences and gatherings, group and organizational lunches and dinners. The conference hall will be equipped with

  1. Hi-speed internet access for net meetings
  2. Basic LCD Projectors
  3. Audio visual & Playback Equipment
  4. Overhead Projectors
  5. Lapel Microphones
  6. Handheld Microphones
  7. Ergonomic Chairs
  8. Hardtop Work Tables
  9. Natural Lighting in Meeting Rooms
  10. IT and AV Staff Onsite
  11. White Boards


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Members only Corporate Gym & Rooftop Restaurant


Located on the rooftop, it would provide recreational activities for the executive and staff. A sports lounge with a sports bar would cater for dining in style.


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